“Liv is the most soulful person I know.  For the past 15 years she has been a guide and inspiration for honesty, truth and optimism in the world and people around her.  Working with Liv has changed my perception about spirituality and by doing so, has widened my potential as the person I am, living on this planet.  Her guidance and wisdom will touch you, too.”Crickett R.


“Liv brings a warmth, playfulness, and a joy to each and every encounter, which makes going on a spiritual deep dive with her an easy adventure.”Joy Andrews, L.Ac, Co-Owner of Third Space Wellness


 “Liv is remarkable. Centered, grounded, and full of light. As we walk through this life, there are certain people who embody their call to Spirit, and we are lucky to know them. Liv is one of these people, and her warmth and energy will inspire you.” – Amanda Larson, author of ‘Healing From a Grandmother’s Heart’


“Every conversation I have with Liv leaves me energized, joyful and filled with gratitude. She is fully present which has a calming effect and creates a space where I feel like I can tell her anything – and I have! The “work” I have done with Liv has helped me to navigate some challenging situations with more peace, allowing me to be myself no matter what was happening around me.” – Jodi Flynn, Women Taking the Lead


 “It’s a little startling how talented Liv is in this field. She was able to tell me things about myself that were exactly what I needed to hear to help bring me clarity. I left smiling and reflecting and wanting more. It was such a gift to me and my life.”Amie Marzen, communications strategist