About Liv

Olivia “Liv” Vega is a Spiritual Guru, Happiness Coach, Psychic and Divine Channel. She has been “reading” since she was a child and often interacts with clients in the areas of loss, love and hope for a brighter future. She is drawn to helping us through life’s ups and downs by bringing clarity to the situation with her spiritual guidance from above. She does not discriminate on religion and is open to all spiritually minded people seeking to make themselves better through continued exploration into their hopes, dreams, desires and fears. All sessions are confidential.

She with the grace and guidance of her Spiritual Guides and Angels help our genuine selves emerge and our true intentions, wishes, and dreams arrive.

In sessions she practices the use of angel cards, meditation, channeling, prayer, and listening directly to what the Universe tells her to do. She works with all ages, professions, religions and creeds.

She looks forward to sharing her joy and work with you. Whatever your question, Liv can help.

“We all have a true path that gives us love, abundance and joy. I look forward to assisting you in finding your Divine way.” – Liv